Prof. Boniface P. Mbilinyi

Head of department
Agricultural Engineering; Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Post-harvest and Food Process Engineering

Dr. Salim A. Baanda

 Electrical and information system

Eng. Prof. Andrew K.P.R.Tarimo

Irrigation Engineering

Prof. Nganga I. Kihupi

Soil and Water Engineering
Agricultural Process Engineering and Storage

Prof. Geofrey C. Mrema


Prof. Hamis O. Dihenga,

Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization

Irrigation Engineering, Hydrology, Water Harvesting

Dr. Winfred Mbungu

Irrigation and watershed Management

Dr. Proches Hieronimo

Land Use planning and Management; GIS; Landscape ecology

Mr. Fikiri Mhenga


Agricultural machinery and Renewable energy

Dr. Festo Richard Silungwe

Irrigation and Water resource

Land use planning; Remote sensing and GIS; Farmstead planning
Biosystems and Post harvest Engineering


 Agricultural machinery and Modeling

Agricultural Machinery and Power

Mr. Avitus Titus Kashaija

Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering and Water Resource Engineering

Ms Susan A. Mbacho

Agricultural Engineering

Prof. Frederick C. Kahimba

Seconded to Tanzania Engineering and Manufacturing Design Organisation (TEMDO) as
Director General
Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering and Biosystems engineering

Prof. Siza D. Tumbo

Agricultural Engineering, Information and Electrical Technologies, Geographic Information Systems GIS)