S.O.W.M Reuben

NAME: Shazia Okuku Wa Mnyuku Reuben        
ACADEMIC RANK: Professor      
EDUCATION: BSc. Agriculture (UDSM); MSc. Plant Breeding and Genetics (Univ. of Guelph, Canada); PhD (Univ. of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK).
SPECIALIZATION: Plant Breeding And Genetics           
RESEARCH INTEREST:  Crop Improvement, Use Of Botanicals In Cure And Bird/ Vermins Detterrance               
PUBLICATIONS: Google Scholar | Research Gate
CONTACT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shazia Okuku Wa Mnyuku Reuben (PhD) is a Professor in Plant Breeding and Genetics. He teaches postgraduate students Population and Quantitative Genetics, Plant Evolution; Undergraduate students he teaches Agricultural Botany, Seed Technology and Plant Biotechnology. He had been involved in Research on Tied Ridging effects on Sorghum production in Semi arid areas of Dodoma; Mitigation of Postharvest losses of cereals using local technologies (vihenge, dung and ash) in Handeni and Morogoro regions; Tomato production with farmers and value adding using solar drier in Morogoro and Kisarawe regions all these under DANIDA funding.

He is currently involved in research with postgraduate and undergraduate students on GxE interaction effects in tea, cashew and pigeon pea; diversity of locally adapted landraces of common staples (sorghum, cowpeas and pigeon peas), morphological characterization of maize landraces in northern Tanzania; sugarcane research on nitrogen fertilizer effects on yield and quality and diversity of local bean genotypes on morphological traits and iron (Fe) micronutrient.

He is privately involved in the use of botanicals and zoologicals in the cure of formidable diseases of humans and deterrence of quelea and vermins from rice, sorghum, and sunflower fields. He has published 44 articles in peer reviewed journals and newsletters and cited by more than 313 related articles, has 13 conference papers, 1 chapter in a book, 1 compendium (OUT) and 8 consultancy reports.

He is currently involved in consultancy on Biofortification of micronutrients in food crops with NUDEC, Nutritional International and Harvest Plus. Professor Reuben is a member of the National Variety Release Committee (Tanzania), National Committee on Edible Oil standards, Tanzania Traditional Medicine Research for Chronic Epidemics and AIDS Association and Sokoine University of Agriculture Staff Academic Association (SUASA).