R.R. Madege

NAME: R.R. Madege      
SPECIALIZATION: Agronomist-Pathologist            
RESEARCH INTEREST: Crop Physiology and Agronomy    
PUBLICATIONS: Google scholar | Research Gate
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  • PhD (2019). Biological Sciences (Mycopathology. University of Ghent), research area, and pre-harvest strategies to reduce contamination of mycotoxins (aflatoxins and fumonisins) contamination in maize grown in Tanzania.
  • MSc. Crop science (Crop improvement, SUA, 2009), research area is developing effective techniques for in vitro mass propagation of high-quality planting materials of sweet potato to increase food security in Tanzania.
  • B.Sc. Agricultural General, (SUA, 2001) – research topic is On-farm evaluation of newly developed bean lines for yield, food, and marketability in Tanzania

Richard Raphael Madege (PhD) is a trained and practitioner as researcher, trainer and consultant on plant health (Plant physiology and Plant Protection) who with passion on public health. Richard conducts research and consultancy that strives to demonstrate that “GOOD PUBLIC HEALTH IS ANCHORED ON GOOD PLANT HEALTH”. For good public health, Richard is an experienced trainer, researcher, consultant on climate smart farming and postharvest handling of agricultural produce to ensure food is produced with minimum health hazardous chemical and biological contaminants like mycotoxins (especially aflatoxins and fumonisins produced by Aspergillus and Fusarium fungi respectively). He has 18 years of experience as Trainer in Plant science related subjects.  He has completed projects in the broad field of crop production under national and international agencies, institutions and local communities. From 2001, Richard worked for Tea Research Institute of Tanzania (TRIT) as Small holder farmers’ tea Nursery Scheme coordinator, Brook Bond Tanzania LTD as Assistant Estate Manager, Ministry of Education (URT) as Education Officer and Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security as Research officer. From 2008, He has worked for University of Dodoma (UDOM) as researcher and assistant lecturer before joining Sokoine University of Agriculture (SUA) in 2010 for the similar duties. As researcher/trainers in various institutions, Richard demonstrated competence in proposing and winning competitive research grants given by Ministry of Agriculture and food security (2), IFS (1), and COSTECH (2).  Richard worked as key expert and team leader in consultancy and advisory services including; CAMCO clean energy (Kenya), CODESRIA (Ivory Coast), REPOA (Tanzania) and Feed the Future (Tanzania). Recently, Richard has various publications on Mycotoxins (aflatoxins and fumonisins) (5), plant propagation (2), soil microbiology (1) and climate change (1). Richard was technical expert to implement the project “pre-harvest reduction of fungal infection and contamination of aflatoxins and fumonisins in maize, collaboratively implemented by SUA, UGent and TFDA. Richard has membership with academic organizations African Society of mycotoxicologists (ASM).


  • Richard Madege (2020): Maize Stover in Relation to Fusarium Inoculum and Mycotoxins in Maize Grains of Two Agro-ecological Zones in Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Agricultural Sciences18(2), pp.78-87.
  • Rayim Wendé Alice Naré, Stephania Boua, Rockia Marie Nadège Zerbo, Richard Madege (2019). Impacts of urban waste use on soil microbial activities in urban agriculture. Research Journal of Science and Technology (RJST). Vol 11 (3), pp 208-2016
  • Madege, R. R. Pre-harvest strategies to minimize contamination of mycotoxins (aflatoxins and fumonisins) produced by Fusarium and aspergillus species in maize produced in Tanzania. PhD thesis submitted and published (ISBN 978-94635718-4-5) in fulfillment of PhD degree of Ghent University (Belgium)
  • Madege, R. R., Landschoot, S., Kimanya, M., Tiisekwa, B., De Meulenaer, B., Bekaert, B., & Haesaert, G. (2018). Early sowing and harvesting as effective measures to reduce stalk borer injury, Fusarium verticillioides incidence and associated fumonisin production in maize. Tropical Plant Pathology, 1-11.
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  • Madege, Richard Raphael, John Msemwa & Dominick Lymo (2016); Climate change; Farm-level definition, causes, perceived impacts and coping mechanisms in three farming systems of Tanzania. Global journal of Agricultural economics, extension and rural development.  4,(5) 433 – 448.
  • Madege, R. R., & Msemwa, J. (2015). Evaluation cassava, sweet potato, and Irish potato starches as cheap alternative gelling agents for micropropagation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.). International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, 12(2), 390.
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  • Richard Raphael Madege (2009): Evaluation of selected crop starches as an alternative cheap gelling agent for micro-propagation of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L.). A thesis submitted to the senate of Sokoine University of Agriculture in partial fulfillment of Master of Science degree in Crop Science (crop improvement)
  • Richard Raphael Madege (2001): On-farm evaluation of eight bean varieties for their agronomic performance and suitability for food and marketing. A dissertation submitted to the Department of Crop Science and Production in partial fulfillment of the Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture general of the Sokoine University of Agriculture.