Welcome to one of the Largest Campus Colleges at Sokoine University of Agriculture which is also one of the largest College in East, Central and Southern Africa.



The College of Agriculture (CoA), formally known as the Faculty of Agriculture, is one of the largest in East, Central and Southern Africa.

As one of the Campus Colleges at Sokoine University of Agriculture it is proud to have initiated several programs that have been transformed to University Wide College, Directorates and Institutes.

The College of Agriculture (CoA) consists of six departments namely:

  1. Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development,

  2. Department of Engineering Sciences and Technology,

  3. Department of Food Technology, Nutrition and Consumer Studies,

  4. Department of Crop Science and Horticulture,

  5. Department of Animal, Aquaculture and Range Sciences,

  6. Department of Soil and Geological Sciences.

The College offers Undergraduate and Postgraduate Training Programmes leading to B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD qualifications.

The College of Agriculture (CoA) is currently under the leadership of
Prof.Frederick Kahimba who is the principal.


To be a centre of excellence in provision of quality knowledge, skills and technological development in agriculture


To contribute towards transformation of the agricultural sector through provision of quality education, research, outreach and advisory services to the society


The following are the core values of College of Agriculture (CoA):

  1. Academic excellence

  2. Academic freedom

  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness

  4. Professional and ethical behaviour

  5. Global orientation

  6. Gender equity

  7. Transparent and inclusive management

  8. Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit